City of Imperial Beach Economic Development Opportunities
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Community Profile
  • Total Population
  • 27,434

The City of Imperial Beach is a community of rich contrasts; it is loved by residents for its small town, classic California character, and is located in the heart of the San Diego/Tijuana metropolitan region – a bi-national metropolis. The City’s most important natural attributes are its beaches and open spaces, which are highly valued by residents and visitors, and contribute to the City’s economy. Imperial Beach functions as the south San Diego County beach destination, with estimates for beach attendance generally exceeding over 400,000 visitors per year and generating $2.5 million in revenue per year. Palm Avenue/former SR-75, recently relinquished to the City, serves as its primary community entrance. The 1.2 mile segment of former SR-75 serves as a major community artery and commercial/mixed-use business area.

Market Area & Demographics

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Awards & Recognitions

  • 2018 Public Partner of the Year—SD Bike Coalition
  • 2013 3rd Most Walkable City in San Diego Region
  • Complete Communities Award—Move San Diego

Market Overview

Source: Zillow, US Census

  • +3.3% 1-year change in Median Home Value
  • +2.4% 1-year forecast for Median Home Value
  • $599,000 Median Listing Price
  • 32% Owner-Occupied Housing Units
  • 65% In civilian labor force
  • $5,590,832 Accommodation/Food Services Sales
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Recent Developments

  • $1 Billion Naval Coastal Campus
  • $7 Million Imperial Beach Boulevard Enhancement
  • 1,600 Room Gaylord Hotel to Anchor San Diego Bay
Bikeway Village Development IB